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Logo.jpg the outreach Ministry
                     of Fairview Church.

Here's a story from our January 3, 2020 Pursuit: 

Nine of us went out into the marketplace Friday night...and what a night it was.


The evening really began an hour earlier: there's a TV stand in the far LH corner of the Fireside Room filled with "stuff". I opened the cabinet door, pulled out a book entitled "The Quantum Leap Strategy" and read:Go for a breakthrough, Trust in the power of pursuit, Get uncomfortable, Open your gifts! NO KIDDING!


Next announcement by the Holy Spirit: As usual, Paul took the offering, the unusual thing: The offering amount WAS EXACTLY...EXACTLY the amount of the Long Lake Motel bill for Nate's room Friday night! EXACTLY. Do you suppose the Lord was confirming Team 2's encounter with Nate? on...


Team 1 asked the Holy Spirit for clues and then headed out on a  Christian Treasure Hunt. We prayed with five different "Treasures". The very first one was Tom in the Mound Speedway station. When Jerry asked if he had a problem with his right ankle...well, I wish you could have seen his expression as he said, Y E S...I just returned from the trip to Mayo in Rochester for the PROBLEM IN MY RIGHT ANKLE!!! We laid hands on Tom, and are  believing God for total healing and cancellation of his scheduled next trip back there in February for further treatment of his RIGHT ANKLE. Wow!


Next, Team 2 trusted the Holy Spirit to lead them to their Divine Appointments:


"Going into Caribou, we thought we might talk with the workers, but were drawn to the one person, a young man sitting with his laptop. I asked if we would be interrupting him if we talked. He answered immediately, 'no'. 


I told that we were out praying for people and did he have any need we could pray about. Immediate, 'Yes. As of today Iam homeless. I am at the lowest I've ever been.' We prayed for him, for a place, for direction from the Lord, and  his knowing the love of God and hearing His voice. Asked about his relationship with the Lord. He had had a relationship, had been involved in a church, but has drifted very far away. Felt joy when we had walked in.


We prayed several times on the way to the Long Lake AmericInn motel and encouraged him to spend his night in the motel seeking the Lord."


On Saturday, one of us stopped by the motel about 11:30 AM, Nate had just left, but the clerk said something unusual, "He seemed like a very, very nice young man. He left the nightstand Gideon's Bible on the bed. Rarely see any sign it's been out." 


Please pray for the Lord's continuing healings and provisions in Nate's life. His needs are many, and critical.


Team 3 had the "Grand Slam" of matched clues for a Christian Treasure Hunt! (and these testimonies indeed get crazier and crazier!)


Clues were Store, Gray, Funkie Hat, Shoulder Pain, Family Issues, Work Struggles, and the name Sarah. ended up at Minco Gas Station parking lot. Found Sarah sitting in a "Grey car", wearing a "Funkie Hat" and a "Grey Sweater" needing prayer for "Shoulder Pain", had back surgery, was a 4 stage cancer survivor, lived with constant 3 to 4 level pain every day. And frosting on the cake: said, "I've been excommunicated from my family.


"Initially, we all gathered at her car window mouthing "Hi". She rolled the window down and Carla said, "Your 'Grey Car' drew my attention" She said, "OK". Carla said, "Your name isn't Sarah is it?" Her eyes became big, her mouth actually dropped open...She said "Why are you asking? You aren't going to serve me with legal papers or something are you?" Carla said, "We're on a Treasure Hunt and your "Grey Car" was one of our clues, and then your 'Funkie Hat' and now your name: 'Sarah', are all clues we have written down!


"We introduced ourselves, explained our Treasure Hunt a little, and then Sarah shared that she had "Shoulder Pain", "Work Struggles", and "Family Issues". 


All 3 of us prayed with Sarah, gave her contact cards for Fairview (with the Sunday Service + free lunch invitation on back), and also one for the Tuesday night Long Lake Healing Rooms.


We assured Sarah that God knows her personally, loves her, and also spoke with her about Jesus. Said we were so happy to meet her, and really hoped to hear from and see her again.


Sarah replied, "This whole thing is surreal. I can't believe you people really do this sort of thing. I want to thank you. I've never seen such peace in peoples' faces before."


The Church REALLY left the building Friday night!


All the Praise and glory is God's.

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